Deformable Mirror


The Deformable Mirror, developed by VDL and TNO, enables laser communication systems to compensate for atmospheric disturbances. Using a unique electromagnetic actuator, the Deformable Mirror delivers much higher modes of focussed light than existing solutions. The resulting precision of the laser beam finds application in optical ground stations, astronomy as well as the semiconductor industry. 


  • Large linear range: >40µm stroke with 99,5% linearity, less than 1% hysteresis
  • Low power consumption: few milliwatts per actuator
  • Scalable: Actuator technology scalable down to 5 mm spacing
  • High Reliability: No wear or ageing, minimal components
  • Handling high optical power applications above 1 kW
  • Miniaturised actuators
  • Adaptive secondary mirrors for astronomy applications (optional)

Point of contact

Hans Priem