Who we are

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We are FSO Instruments, the Dutch laser communication equipment provider of choice.

We are an industry consortium of select Dutch companies committed to radically improve connectivity solutions here on Earth, and even in space. We are passionate about pushing the boundaries of technology and about looking beyond.

Our members are VDL, DEMCON, Nedinsco and Hyperion Technologies, with each of us contributing with unique expertise in the value chain of laser connectivity. Powered by TNO, we aim at commercialising our co-developed solutions to the worldwide market.

We chose to form this consortium because we believe in the strength of partnerships, be it among us, or with our clients. Together we can deliver reliable high-tech solutions leveraging on decades of experience as well as new and fresh perspectives from our members.

Intrigued? Find out why working with FSO Instruments is a great idea:

We are fun to work with

"A business relationship is more successful when you enjoy working with each other. At FSO Instruments, we live this culture every day. We want to share this culture, passion and motivation with our clients.” - Bert Monna, Hyperion

We keep an open mind

"At FSO Instruments we welcome every challenge and are always open for new things. We value transparency and partnership. Together with our clients we create the best solutions." - Stefan Van Neer, Nedinsco

We deliver care-free solutions – from start to finish

„We cover the full supply chain for opto-mechatronics: from instrument design to volume manufacturing and product integration services and support.” - Gerard van den Eijkel, DEMCON Focal

We value personal connections and partnerships

"Working together within FSO Instruments is like working with colleagues. Team spirit, trust and integrity are crucial to succeed in this endeavour, be it within FSO Instruments or with our clients.” - Hans Priem, VDL

Discover the consortium members


Nedinsco makes precision instruments and components for the international defence, aerospace, industrial, and semiconductor market. Founded in 1921 by Carl Zeiss, Nedinsco in Venlo, Netherlands, comprises 120 experts across various disciplines. Nedinsco covers the entire lifecycle of optomechatronics through dedicated specialist departments. It is the close cooperation and short communication lines under one roof that are crucial and make Nedinsco successful. Within FSO Instruments, Nedinsco contributes with its design knowledge, test facilities, and series production capabilities. Take the virtual tour: nedinsco.com/nedinsco-tour.


VDL Enabling Technologies Group (VDL ETG) is a tier-one design & contract manufacturing partner with global operations. The company has built a track record in the markets of semiconductor capital equipment, deposition equipment, analytical instruments, medical systems, aerospace and science. Find out more on vdletg.com.  


DEMCON Focal is the independent design, engineering and production partner in the fields of high-tech optical systems, medical optical systems and industrial precision inspection. It has expertise in the market segments space, industry, semicon and life sciences. DEMCON Focal performs custom design and engineering in a multidisciplinary approach, consisting of optical, vision, data, electronic, software, mechanical and system engineering. Activities include high-level requirements engineering, concept optical design, prototyping, detailed engineering, system integration and MAIT. Small & high volume production using dedicated equipment and clean room environments are part of its standard portfolio. DEMCON Focal is part of the DEMCON group. For more information visit demcon.com/focal.

Hyperion technologies

Hyperion Technologies is an independent Dutch space company located in Delft, Netherlands. Having been active since 2013, it specialises in the development of miniaturised, high-performance and smart components for small satellites as well as satellite platforms for complete missions. This includes both hardware and software. Hyperion follows the philosophy to provide the best-in-class products to its clients worldwide, scratching at the limits of the physically possible within the scope of miniaturisation. Find out more on hyperion.space.


The Netherlands Organisation for Applied Scientific Research (TNO) is an independent research organisation. The Netherlands has a strong international position in developing and applying innovative and optical instruments. For the past 50 years TNO has focused on developing such instruments for use in space, astronomy, scientific research and manufacturing. TNO Space aims to enable secure broadband connectivity that will support the growing demand for data and increase communication efficiency. We also help stimulate economic growth in the Netherlands and Europe by enabling companies to realise new products, generate new business and improve their competitive position.